Rwanda, a Modern Day Miracle

The Land of a thousand Hills is a place that reigns with beauty. After a tragic and epic turmoil that the country went through during the 1994 Genocide, it’s very difficult and hard to believe that the country is what it is right now. Around this time of June in 1994, thousands if not close to a million people were being slaughtered and massacred mercilessly, the country was in total despair, hopelessness filled many faces of those who survived, and the economy was completely shattered down, the country was on its Knees.
From scratch the country began rebuilding, from the knees the country began to stand on its toes, the journey of development began, a journey that indeed was a tough one, one that required courage, character, charisma and determination. Much had to be done yet little was available to accomplish the task, with no man power, human resource, not even enough natural resources – it has been indeed an uphill task of rebuilding such an economy that was completely in ruin.
As the journey to recovery, reconciliation and development unfolds, its been only 17years down the road and a lot looks to be accomplished, yet as well a lot more awaits in Stock. The master-minder and driving force being the famous “Vision 2020” a plan that was initiated in 1998-99 acting as a road map to the goals the country intends to achieve. Almost half way to 2020, the country remains steady on the course and continues to achieve most of the goals.
Rwanda has a stood out to be an example to many countries now, with its success in handling reconciliation through Gacaca courts after such a devastating political era that had divided Rwandans along tribal conflict, infrastructure development, environmental conservation with one the cleanest cities Kigali in the region, health insurance policy covering almost 80% of the population and being one of the best business hubs in the region, with zero tolerance to corruption and guaranteed security – all this in one place one country Rwanda, a land of a thousand hills which had a thousand problems, but now with a thousand achievements. Rwanda is indeed modern day Miracle
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