Why “Type” in a Programming Language???

Understanding Type…
I literally understand what a data-type is in a programming language like C++ or even C#; The question however is, how do you explain a seemingly ‘simple’ concept like that to a 10-12 year old to a point where he understands it well. Even before you do the explaining, you got make sure the concept itself is fully ingrained in your little mazzard. i recently read one of those-not-obviously awesome quotes from Albert Einstein “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” this quote for the first time had an awesome new perspective that i definitely did not have before. So the next time you think you understand a concept really well, try to see if you explain it very simply to a young kid. Now i kinda feel the feel teachers have when explaining abstract concepts to kids or to even high school & college students especially those in STEM fields.

Understanding the purpose of type in programming language is also fundamental in understanding other data types built onto it. For example it would not be possible to understand structs, class type, pointers, memory use and many other conceptual terms in CS. Understanding type basics includes knowing the primitive types as well. (Cc. primitive types are the basic data types which for the most part are embedded or built in the OS; examples include int, float, char ..etc that more based on the OS architecture running either 32 or 64 bit operating systems.) ->FYI understanding Operating Systems will be a blog of its own pretty soon.

From basics, a data type mostly helps in structuring or organizing (or grouping) data properly, for purposes of ease in data-access and data-manipulation. Here is a simple example, imagine on your desktop computer having a bunch of downloaded documents with .docx .pptx .pdf etc for different classes and semesters all clustered without any order (or type). Accessing anyone of these docs could be a pain since there is on specific order (or type) to quickly access what you need. A good way to solve this would be creating different folders for specific class-course or by year, that way its easier to access them in case you want a specific doc for a certain course/year. When you look closely, the ‘concept of type’ is clearly ingrained in most of what we do and certainly very helpful. In this same way type in computers especially as software level of programming is that important.

For a second imagine a programming language that does not use any data types like ints or floats, as in it literally cant do type conversion or error detection, this would be obviously obnoxious. Not forgetting the fact that there be certain programing languages that don’t use type for example php that creates variables on the fly and does not have specific type. the fact that php is a server-side scripting language for mostly web development makes it more susceptible to needing less of type-kinda of manipulation that is evidently necessary in other programming languages like C++ or Java.

Anyone could definitely learn how to program without necessary understanding what type REALLY means and how useful it is in programing, Nevertheless anyone intending to deeply understand the mystery of computer programming or even being a great software engineer must definitely understand the underlying basics of type. Its that very fundamental. As a matter of fact i must admit that i finished college having taken programing classes in C++, C#, php, MySQL and other programing languages and must say that i passed these classes even when i never truly “understood” the core principles underlying many of the programming assignments i had to finish and submit online; on time. However, now so very glad that i can get to dive deep into this interesting lit-bit of programing mystery and un-cover these interesting fundamentals. I can already tell its going to be an interesting Adventure.

Watch out that next piece about Understanding Pointers and Memory Use in Computers.



Car maintainability!

By the time i’m writing this blog, its been 10 days since my graduation date. I’ve come to realize the fact that life after college is definitely more compelling, spontaneous and quite a buzz. i honestly FEEL, LIKE, LOVE and DIG it..(like Diggy in Rev Run’s House) Ofcourse after college, the next normal thing is to either go for graduate school, get married or find a job cause you gonna need to pay your freakin bills now.(thats if you’ve not been paying them already…)
One thing seems normal for everyone though, that after you done with college you either already have a car or you going to get one soon. And sad to say, I happen to fall in the latter section of that two-list option. I freakin have no car and i need one so badly you got no idea.

But first things first, i gotta get my schematics right.
1. What kind of Car do i want (or what kind of car is good for some college dropout like me)
2. Car Mileage and gas mileage
3. The cost of price, either used or brand new.
4. Insurance claims and stuff like that
5. Car longevity
6. Finance it or pay damn cash upfront
6. Plus many more…

Its one long list of things i’ve got to get done right. With literally no income as of now, i gotta figure out a way to get all things moving right. I know one thing for a fact that ill get it all done and by done i mean getting it done RIGHT.

So i get on the internet and i start googling stuff, tryna find enough information about cars and their reliability so that i can make some really good and well informed decision of which car to buy. Thing is, there already a bunch of info out there, you gotta dig through and get that right piece that you need. and now that i’m writing this freakin blog, i realize there could be a whole book already out there for the less-informed like we, to get our hands wet and heads sinked into this car-business thing. Or may be there is none and i got to write one. Got too much thinkinh about being an author and every little thing out there makes me think i gotta write a book about it (quite inHumane, right?).
Back to the car thing, i got this one piece and its all pasted below, some good info just about the car maintainability.

Just about Car reliability and keeping it up in good shape
Got this following block from a piece on Wiki…

Sikorsky, and others, have developed lists that itemize steps that a car owner can take, or identified operating and maintenance rules,to ensure maximal longevity. Yonger provides the following list, “10 secrets” for long car life.

1. Regular oil changes
2. Monitor the key fluids
3. Maintain the transmission
4. Change the plugs as needed
5a. Watch and care for the timing belt (if applicable)
5b. Watch and replace timing belt
6. Do not forget the radiator
7. Remember the filters
8. Fight rust
9. Know and use your maintenance manual
10. Drive with habits that don’t take years off the car

In a public economics sense, Kasmer argues that retrofitting autos with a newer transmission would extend the lifespan while at the same time increase fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and prevent the sudden influx of discarded vehicles into the waste bin as cars are junked to be replaced by a modern vehicle.

More info on this coming to be updated soon as life goes on and the search for my brand new german made automobile, yeah i like german cars


Thanksgiving in Vienna

Jyama wakes up at around 7:30am, checks time realizes its too early to be up on a free thanksgiving day, sleeps again for almost another 3 hours and finally gets up at 10am. goes for a quick shower and as always immediately checks his phone for any notifications from all the social media *rap and different email subscriptions. the only different thing was that not that many messages received about ‘happy thanksgiving’. you guessed right, this is Austria nobody gives a damn about that holiday. Though honestly it being one of the best holidays in the US that i definitely admire, unlike the Halloween thing that even some weird folks in kigali are beginning to ‘celebrate’, quite appalling.. right?!

Thanksgiving in Vienna? really? how is it like… one of my friends asking me via text. i realize nothing much to tell them, my obvious response its a normal day like any other. i mean except for the fact that we are a big group all coming from the States, and that being said, everyone definitely missing the thanksgiving meal; turkey and all that other stuff that comes with it.. gravy, smashed potatoes and good salad. Now, you must understand that mentioning such food names while in vienna, can definitely cause you trouble – like seriously. and not from the austrian people, but actually the americans, who very much miss it and most importantly miss having it with their family. Of course you can find such food here in Vienna, Vienna is one big city, its a global city so any thing like that should be found in some restaurants.

Plans for the day already underway, our schedule to leave our Das Millican hotel by 11:30AM, go by the U-Bahn onto U4 stopping at Schwedenplatz. a 5 minute walk and baaam, there we were, at this not-so-famous restaurant yet so rich in history. A little bit of history of this restaurant, built in 1350 (amazing, right?), many famous Austrian legends have had meals there and to prove that, a small dinning room thats still used upto now has signatures of all those famous guys on the walls including their pictures. Now you must be asking, which famous people in Austria? ofcourse you probably haven’t checked them out; the likes of Bethooven, Mozart and also Mark Twain. Did you just say Mark Twain? Yes i did, great american novelist. if you ever did english literature in high school, you must have read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and its sequel, or Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. these two books were one of the best and funny books we read. great place loved it.

‘Zum Gelben Adler’ meaning The Yellow Eagle, name of this 1350 old inn, great great place. With that rich-ness in history i personally didn’t care much about the meals. the history itself had already made me quite exuberant. Nevertheless the food itself was just as legit as the place. YOu must understand that this was a group of what, 21 people, all getting into this not-so-big inn all excited to have memorable thanksgiving meal in Vienna. Having Schnitzel, others chicken and bread, great meals for a meal. i must say i enjoyed my meal mostly because of it being served in a such a great historical inn.

Done with this historical meal i must say; it was in fact Legendary in every way. the ambience, the thanksgiving stories, the laughters, the waiters..everything just Legit-ndary!
After such a great thanksgiving meal, you always know what to expect next… good nap and the rest of the day all history. Except one thing, and thats the fact that at 22hrs, thats when an idea comes up to write this blog detailing my first thanksgiving experience in Europe and Vienna Austria more specifically.
Must conclude it was a great one, very Thankful for every single memory of it in my little mazzard!