Rwandan Youth: A Pillar to the Country’s Development.

When you make a closer look at everything we use daily, from the laptop, phone or even a car, its all someone’s creative mind that sat down one day and decided to do make a difference after realizing a need. If there is any asset that man has, it’s the mind, and the best way to utilize it is to do creative thinking. The Mind is the only source of all the great, creative and innovative ideas that we see in the world today.

Actually if you look more closely, we wouldn’t even have existed were it not for the Almighty God’s creative MIND of having a universe that He created and contains all the beauty that we see in it. Man being the IMAGE of God (Genesis 1:26 KJV) is itself proof that man himself has been given similar ability to creatively think and find solutions to the needs and challenges around him, in other words, great potential lies in the mind of mankind.

Do people see themselves with that kind of mindset? Do they use that mind to creativity provide solutions to problems around them? And the answers to some of those questions have been answered by some, and many more to come. The whole idea of providing solutions through creative innovative ideas is known as Entrepreneurship.

Good Entrepreneurship begins at an early age, the youth have a greater role to play in trying to provide solutions to society’s challenges. Like in the United States, most of the famous Entrepreneurs began at quite a youthful age. The likes of Steve Jobs (the late), Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerburg all were youth by the time they began their big tech companies. As Rwandan youth living in the United States, seeing such young people innovate new ideas that change the world forever leaves a big challenge to us. That same challenge lies in many of the other Rwandan youth living and studying abroad, and even those back home in Rwanda.

Rwandan Youth in United States have seen the need and have thus came up a solution that intends to bridge a gap between innovators and investors. The fact that some Rwandan youth have taken the urge to step out and create ideas that intend to solve problems faced in Rwanda, shows how determined they are in developing their country. There are many more Rwandan youths out there with brilliant ideas that only lack support and guidance, and as well there are many investors out there ready and willing to invest in any brilliant ideas. The good news is that a platform that bridges the gap between innovators and investors has been created. This platform, created by youth in the United States is called ELE Rwanda (Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs Rwanda).

ELE Rwanda is a platform that helps to promote youth innovations and business ideas by connecting them to potential investors thereby bringing their ideas into reality. With this platform in place, more youth will be encouraged to creatively think about ideas that can bring about development in the country of Rwanda and allover the world.

ELE Rwanda is organizing a summit that is scheduled on June 23rd 2012 at Oklahoma Christian University. This will be the first summit organized and it will showcase some of the best brilliant ideas from Rwandan youth, and as well potential investors will be present at the summit. For more information about the summit visit the website:

With such innovations in place, the future for Rwandan youth looks brighter, and as more ideas breed, the country’s vision will be reached even faster, and not forgetting that the youth have a greater and bigger role to play in all that.

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